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Invoicing & Bespoke Development

Invoicing and Bespoke Development

The Customer

Agria Pet Insurance

Agria are a European pet insurance company who pride themselves on providing the best healthcare to pets since 1890.

The Challenge

Agria UK process in excess of 120,000 claims per year and this number is growing as the company expands.  To process each claim, information from invoices received from vets or directly from the customer must be extracted and processed.  The existing process was manual, extremely time consuming and resulted in not all of the valuable data being captured.

Agria wanted to optimise the process to reduce time to decision, remove risk of human error and provide a better service to their customers.

The Solution

We modified our Oscar invoice module to run as an API to ensure seamless integration with Agria’s existing claims workflow and software solutions in place.

Invoices are automatically uploaded to Oscar from the operational system via a REST API in an asynchronous manner.  Line items and other key data is extracted from the invoice and validated, before being further enriched using several AI classifiers to standardise the data to Agria’s treatment and condition codes.  Once complete, the claim is provided back to Agria via a callback to the operational system.

The Outcome

Oscar has allowed Agria to capture and validate the data required to make automated decisions on up to 75% of claims.  In the first six months Agria have been able to fully automate 20% of the total claims volume from end to end, without human interaction, and has transformed how the claims process is managed.

We continue to work with Agria to further develop the Oscar solution for their needs.

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