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Pinpoint key data from any document

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Convert a wide range of documents and search for the precise data items you need.

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Save countless hours sifting thousands of pages with Oscar's powerful Intelligent Document Processing technology.

Search and Locate data with Oscar

Rapidly locate the data you need

Remove the frustration of scouring thousands of pages to find the key data you need. Oscar combs through every document and returns the precise data items needed, leaving you free to focus on your investigations and analysis.
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Simply drag and drop multiple documents and leave Oscar to do the rest. No need to install, just log-in and use.
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Oscar automatically converts your data into digital, searchable text.
Locate Data with Oscar


Rapidly search for and locate specific data items of interest.

Take the headache out of discovery

Oscar’s Intelligent Document Processing capability take the stress out of searching for and locating critical data items. What can often be a hugely time consuming, manual task takes seconds with Oscar, leaving you free to focus on what matters. Need to know if key information is contained within a document pack? Let Oscar do the hard work and find the information you need, quickly and easily.
Take out the stress of searching for critical data
The platform was intuitive, easy to use and effective in transforming data

William T, COO

Enhance efficiency with batch processing

Upload a range of documents, such as passports, letters and forms, and let Oscar convert into digital format allowing you to rapidly identify the data items you need.

Reduce time to identify critical documents

Drastically reduce time and resource dedicated to finding the ‘needle in a haystack – Oscar processes large volumes of documentation in order to locate the often small number of documents required during investigations and analysis.

Automate your workflow with Intelligent Document Processing

In just a few clicks, Oscar will rapidly convert large volumes of documentation, optimising the process and rapidly presenting the information you need.

Automate your workflow

Why Choose Oscar?


Oscar can save you over 90% of your time when compared with manual data processing, which you can redirect where it matters most


Oscar can extract and convert multiple documents simultaneously in a matter of seconds


Oscar will accurately identify any document which contains the data you are looking for.

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A team within UK Public Sector focused on the identification, prevention and prosecution of financial fraud

Department for Work & Pensions

The Challenge

Investigations typically begin with large quantities of seized or subpoenaed documentation, the process of analysing this corpus of data to find the data items and connections of interest is time consuming, laborious and is prone to error.


Often investigators will be searching for the needle in the haystack, a single document or data item within millions of artefacts. Current methods take significant manpower and time putting investigations at risk.

The Solution

Oscar Search & Locate allows investigators to upload large volumes of documentation via API or the click and drag interface. Oscar automatically converts the documents into digital text and identifies any documents that contain data items that match a pre-defined list of formats including UK Post Codes, telephone numbers, National Insurance numbers, NHS numbers and many more.


Additional search functionality allows the customers to search for key phrases or words Oscar highlights the appropriate documents along with a confidence score that the document contains the required result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to the number of pages I can import?
Business package customer are limited to 500 pages per month. Enterprise customers are able to tailor the number of pages to best meet their business need.
Business customers can opt for either an annual or rolling monthly subscription. Terms for our Enterprise customers can be discussed, dependent on the projected need.
Oscar is a SaaS solution and can be access via your web browser, eliminating the need for installation.
Yes – contact us to find out how.

Got a specific requirement?
We’ll cater to it!

We are big fans of practitioner lead development and we are constantly working with our customers to improve functionality and add enhancements.


Drop us a line if there is something you want to see within the solution. We often work with our customers to create bespoke bolt ons to the solution and this can be done on a case by case basis, again, contact us if you have a specific requirement and we’ll see what we can do.

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