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Oscar assists with automatic decisioning of over 40% of our claims

Oscar has helped us to evolve our claims process, delivering quicker decisions for our customers and removing a manual headache for our claims handlers. Oscar is an essential component of our move to automate where possible, allowing our staff to apply their skill and experience where it’s most needed.

Zoe, Claims Director, UK

Enrich your claims data

Manual claims processing often leads to only a fraction of data being captured due to time and resource constraints. Oscar helps you to service customers quicker and settle claims more efficiently, whilst also identifying potentially fraudulent claims through detailed analysis of greatly enriched data.

Enrich your claims data
Increase efficiency and save time

In a challenging marketplace, the need to effectively manage the cost of claims has become increasingly important. Oscar allows you to redirect critical resource and skills into making decisions on claims where manual review and investigation is paramount, whilst being assured that claims which can be automatically settled are done so swiftly, enabling better customer service and retention.

Increase Efficiency and save time

Built with you in mind

Tell us what you want to capture, we’ll make it happen. From invoices to claims forms, we can show you how to optimise the process of data capture using Oscar’s Intelligent Document Processing capabilities. Make better decisions, faster with Oscar.

Capture data faster with Oscar

Oscar uses OCR technology to capture data. When you import a document into Oscar, it is automatically scanned and its information extracted:

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Ready to optimise your claims processes?

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Why insurers choose Oscar


Automate the majority of your claims decisioning and focus your time where the human element is required.


Integrate Oscar with your downstream claims processes.


Oscar can save you over 80% of your time, which you can redirect where it’s needed most.

How Oscar's Bespoke Invoicing featured helped Agria Pet Insurance

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The Challenge

Agria UK process in excess of 120,000 claims per year and this number is growing as the company expands. To process each claim, information from invoices received from vets or directly from the customer must be extracted and processed. The existing process was manual, extremely time consuming and resulted in not all of the valuable data being captured.

The Solution

Oscar has allowed Agria to capture and validate the data required to make automated decisions on up to 75% of claims. In the first six months Agria have been able to fully automate 20% of the total claims volume from end to end, without human interaction, and has transformed how the claims process is managed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to the number of pages I can import?
Business package customer are limited to 500 pages per month. Enterprise customers are able to tailor the number of pages to best meet their business need.
Business customers can opt for either an annual or rolling monthly subscription. Terms for our Enterprise customers can be discussed, dependent on the projected need.
Oscar is a SaaS solution and can be access via your web browser, eliminating the need for installation.
Yes – contact us to find out how.

Got a specific requirement?
We’ll cater to it!

We are big fans of practitioner lead development and we are constantly working with our customers to improve functionality and add enhancements.


Drop us a line if there is something you want to see within the solution. We often work with our customers to create bespoke bolt ons to the solution and this can be done on a case by case basis, again, contact us if you have a specific requirement and we’ll see what we can do.

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