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Accurately capture bank statement data in seconds

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Automate your financial data capture, eliminate the need for data entry and save hours of manual processing

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Improve data quality and remove the worry of human error with Oscar's Intelligent Document Processing


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Oscar has helped save time and money processing bank statement data

We’d previously used expensive outsourcing options to capture financial data contained within bank statements. Oscar gives us the freedom to rapidly process bank statements ourselves as soon as they’re received and export the data straight to Excel in a matter of seconds.

Andrew, Insolvency Practitioner, UK

Enhance data accuracy and reduce risk

Remove the risk of mistakes made in manual data transfer and get quality checked results with Oscar’s highly automated data capture.

Oscar enables the comparison of the converted data with your original document and highlights what data was found and extracted in it’s easy-to-use platform, giving you total peace of mind.

Enhance data accuracy and reduce risk
Increase efficiency and save time

Automate your data entry and streamline your processes with Oscar and claim back valuable time to spend on casework. Oscar’s Intelligent Document Processing capabilities deliver rapid data capture, without the headache of manual data transfer, and optimises your workflow to an deliver efficient, cost effective solution

Increase efficiency in insolvency sector

Built with you in mind

Oscar was developed in partnership with practitioners to ensure it delivered a proper solution to a very common, frustrating problem. We listened, observed and then designed a tool to perfectly fit the very specific use case presented by insolvency practitioners looking to rapidly extract financial data from bank statements, ready to then apply their skills and experience.


More and more practitioners are choosing Oscar as their go-to tool for bank statement conversion.


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Capture data faster with Oscar

Oscar uses OCR technology to capture data. When you import a bank statement into Oscar, it is automatically scanned and its information extracted:

Bank Statement
Bank fields from Oscar

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Why choose Oscar?


Oscar can save you over 90% of your time when compared with manual data entry


Oscar can extract and convert multiple documents simultaneously in a matter of seconds


Oscar will extract and accurately return all of your data, ready for investigation and analysis.

How the Department for Work & Pensions uses Oscar

Department for Work & Pensions

The Challenge

DWP’s current solution for the extraction of financial data from bank statements was expensive and inefficient. Used by 35 users due to licencing constraints, the software required a high degree of manual effort to extract and process the data.

The Solution

DWP opted for a bespoke version of Oscar to be developed to enable a quick transition from their current software. The solution was built and delivered as an on-premise deployment to ensure we were able to remove as many hurdles to quick and seamless implementation as possible and to minimise any impact on their ongoing investigations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to the number of pages I can import?
Business package customer are limited to 500 pages per month. Enterprise customers are able to tailor the number of pages to best meet their business need.
Business customers can opt for either an annual or rolling monthly subscription. Terms for our Enterprise customers can be discussed, dependent on the projected need.
Oscar is a SaaS solution and can be access via your web browser, eliminating the need for installation.
Yes – contact us to find out how.

Got a specific requirement?
We’ll cater to it!

We are big fans of practitioner lead development and we are constantly working with our customers to improve functionality and add enhancements.


Drop us a line if there is something you want to see within the solution. We often work with our customers to create bespoke bolt ons to the solution and this can be done on a case by case basis, again, contact us if you have a specific requirement and we’ll see what we can do.

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