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Streamline your processes with Intelligent Document Processing

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is a workflow automation technology that scans, reads, extracts, categorises, and organises meaningful information into accessible formats from large streams of data.

Process data from a variety of formats with highly accurate results

Whatever the document, let Oscar take on the time-consuming work of transforming your data from physical to digital. Talk to us about your business use case, or try out the bank statement module for free.
Process data from formats accurately

Trusted across multiple industries

Take advantage of Oscar to optimise your processes for extracting, processing and converting data from documentation.

Accountants and Financial Services

Rapidly convert your financial documents into digital format and download to Excel in seconds. Reduce the time taken to investigate fraud, process financial applications and provide your customers with an optimised service.


Make extraction of data from documentation simple and remove the need for manual data entry with Oscar’s Intelligent Document Processing.

Legal Services

Process relevant documents in seconds and speed up the process of analysing critical client data.


Oscar converts bank statements into Excel in seconds. Take away the headache of data transfer from mountains of statements and let Oscar streamline your caseload.

Use Case Scenarios

Discover how our solutions have helped a variety of industries, from healthcare to finance. Our case studies show the practical application of our technology, highlighting how we’ve optimised processes, boosted efficiency, and achieved remarkable success for businesses.

Reduce risk of human error during data entry

Oscar automated solution allows you to transform any bank statement into Excel in seconds, saving time and reducing the risk of human error.

Save time and increase productivity

Scutinise financial data quicker with Oscar’s Intelligent Document Processing.

Reduce time to decision.

Get accurate data in seconds, leaving you more time for decision making and improved efficiency for claimants.

Optimise fraud and error detection

Reinvest the time saved on manual data transfer back into investigations and analysis.
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